Vision: To be a medium size dairy producer focusing on milk quality, cow genetics and cow comfort.

Kilifi Plantations Ltd dairy farming was moved from Machakos in the 1950.

At its highest Kilifi Plantations Ltd processed 12,000 litres per day today it produces and processes 3,500 litres per day.

Kilifi Plantations Ltd is involved in livestock farming where they have both dairy and beef cattle which are suited to the Coast Region. The types of breeds kept are high yielders with potential to resist diseases. Dairy cows comprise of cross breeds of brown swiss, sahwal, arshire, fresian and gir.

Kilifi Plantations Ltd would like to look into value adding in the future for example production of home made cheese, butcheries, ATM milk machines (an operational one at Kilifi Tuskys) and other products.


Vision: Develop an intensive style beef business of high quality while focusing on animal careand comfort and to have the best quality beef within the coast.

Currently clients can purchase animals directly from the farm.

Young bulls, steers (castrated bulls) and heifers (young females) can all be used in beef production and are slaughtered at different ages and weights depending on what the buyers want.

The beef cattle are sahwal crosses and Simmental.

We also have dairy and beef goats. Currently we have several breeds of goats which include crosses of alphine , turgen burg, seaneen and galla goats.