Kilifi plantations Ltd is located at 360˚N within Kilifi County. Established in 1920 as a sisal plantation, it was privately bought in 1963 and today remains an ongoing agricultural business.

Currently Kilifi Plantations Ltd consist of a leading national dairy herd milking 400 animals daily producing 3,000 litres a day.

The farm also produces 350 tonnes annually of sisal fibre of export quality.

Kilifi Plantations Ltd is also home of the famous Kilifi beef which is sold throughout the Coast Region.

Kilifi Plantations Ltd has also pioneered biogas technology being the first major agricultural business to incorporate biogas energy into the operational set up.

Vision : To be an innovative and profitable agricultural enterprise with a focus on human centred leadership


Kilifi Plantations comprises of several sections all striving for premium quality in our products and our services.

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Our dairy farm consists with over 3,000 head of dairy cattle milking over 4,000 litres. Our farm is equipped with the best dairy production technology ensuring quality milk. We are the biggest coast based supplier of raw milk to East Africa’s largest dairy processor. Some of the milk is sold locally to Supermarket milk dispensers.

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Sisal is one of the least rain dependent crops that can be farmed in Kenya. The fibre -based products has a global demand running into millions of tonnes. We produce over 3,000 tonnes annually for export and employs over 300 people in our farm. The growth of sisal in non traditional markets is growing the demand and profitability of the crop.

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Kilifi Plantations beef programme combines superior breeds, exceptional cattle management practices and carefully controlled high-quality feeding. The result is consistently outstanding products that are sold through out the coast province. The result of this dedication is beef that that is tender and well marbled.

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We aim at supplying our customers with clean and sustainable energy that will not only fuel economic growth but also protect nature and the environment. We lead our customers away from fossil energy supplies and a very costly unreliable electricity grid towards a decentralised supply from a renewable climate friendly energy source.